Our master pizzaiolo and chef/owner Ryan Menchella was taught from some of the best chefs in Italy…his family.  He brings with him generations of authentic Italian recipes to make sure you are served the best.

Here's what to expect when visiting us…

PIZZA Yes + No’s

Yes, we’re going to serve you one of the best pizza’s you will ever have.

No, we don’t follow any “guidelines” but our own. Our guidelines were created from generations of family recipes and experience originating in Italy.

Yes, we spin pizzas until we sell out of dough for the day.

Yes, we use authentic recipes and ingredients while supporting our local farmers whenever possible.

Yes, if you ask us, we WILL cut your pizza.


Our pizza is a mix between Neapolitan and Roman Style, and 12-12.5 inches in size. They are meant for 1 person.

Your pizza will NEVER be completely smothered in cheese (this is considered a flaw in Italy).

We DON'T USE PANS, only our hands!

Our dough is ALWAYS hand stretched and each pie is cooked in less than 3 minutes directly on our oven’s stone.


Our freshly made dough consists of premium Caputo “tipo 00” flour.

Our tomato sauce is made daily using the finest San Marzano tomatoes

Only the highest quality fior di latte and mozzarella di bufala is used on our pizza.

The extra-virgin olive oil we use is made and imported from Italy specifically for us.

Using the highest quality ingredients means you won’t have that “stuffed/bloated” feeling after you eat.


Each one of our pizzaiolo’s takes pride in their work and has gone through strict training from the “Master” to make sure your pizza is perfect.

Please make reservations or place your delivery order earlier to avoid disappointment.

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